Accessories help enrich your reptiles mind by improving their emotional and physical health with diverse textures, scenery, and things to do. They also help to provide plenty of personality and customization to your terrarium.


Terrarium Clings

New Sizes!

Galapagos Terrarium Clings are best-in-class! They are printed with bright, vivid, high resolution imagery that livens up with terrarium lighting. They add a whole new dimension to your tank. Galapagos Terrarium clings are easy to take off and replace for quick decorating since they do not require any adhesive.

05400 - Woodland 11.125" x 36"

05401 - Arid 11.125" x 36"

05402 - Tropical 11.125" x 36"

05410 - Mangrove 10.125" x 30"

05411 - Aquatic Plants 10.125" x 30"

***New 40+ Gallon Sizes!***

05420 - Temple 15" x 36"

05421 - Forest 15" x 36"

05422 - Desert 15" x 36"


Flexible Bridges

New Product!

Galapagos Flexible Bridges provide a unique customization option for any
terrarium. Bend, twist, and mold the bridges to fit any terrarium environment. Great for all reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates.

05308 - Flexible Bridge 2ft

05309 - Flexible Bridge 3ft


Decorative Moss Covered Vine

Galapagos MossVine is one of the most popular terrarium accessories! Use it for for climbing, hanging, and basking. It is ideal for Red Eye Tree Frogs, Chameleons, Arrow Frogs, Barking Tree Frogs, Basilisks, and similar climbing species.

05266 - MossVine 12ft

22712 - Bulk MossVine 60ft


Mossy Sticks

Decorative Moss Covered Sticks

Galapagos Mossy Sticks are made with real preserved moss and a solid wood core. They are bendable to accommodate various terrarium sizes yet firm enough to support Chameleons, Geckos, Tree Frogs, and Climbing Reptiles. They are perfect for hanging out! Use them in bird cages as perches for all birds. Each package comes with 6 stakes.

05320 - Mossy Sticks 18"

05321 - Mossy Sticks 24"

05322 - Mossy Sticks 36"

Mossy Perches

Decorative Moss Covered Perches

Galapagos Mossy Perch is a naturally absorbent support pole that helps aerial roots take hold and creates an ideal habitat for many climbing and upright plants. Arboreal reptiles, birds, and amphibians naturally take to Mossy Perches because they resemble real, thick forest branches. They are enriching for animals and naturally set your terrarium apart.

22205 - Mossy Perch 18"

22210 - Mossy Perch 24"

22225 - Mossy Perch 30"

22235- Mossy Perch 36"


Reptile Rope Ladder

Wooden Rope Ladder

Galapagos Reptile Rope Ladder is our favorite terrarium accessory! Cut it to fit any terrarium size and it is safe to be be used with all animals. Everyone loves it from birds, chameleons, snakes, frogs, and geckos. These ladders give enrichment to any pet while providing a touch of natural wood to the terrarium.

05300 - Reptile Rope Ladder 14" x 30"

terrariums kits.jpg

Terrarium Starter Accessory Kits

Arid & Tropical Starter Kits

Galapagos Terrarium Starter Kits are a great way to begin designing the perfect environment for your new pet! They are suited for all reptiles, amphibians, and small critters. The kits come arranged in a box with brilliant packaging ready for the Holidays, Birthdays, or your animal's first day home!

05350 - Humid Starter Kit

05351 - Arid Starter Kit

Natural Stones

Decorative Stones for Terrariums

Galapagos Natural Terrarium Stones come in a variety of colors to fit your landscape. Sedona stones are a uniquely beautiful swirl of orange, perfect for desert tanks. Black stones add mystique and wonder to any terrarium. There are six different stones to match any terrarium!

05291 - Black Stones 4lbs

05292 - White Stones 4lbs

05293 - Red Stones 4lbs

05294 - Tiger's Eye Stones 4lbs

05295 - Mixed Stones 4lbs

05296 - Sedona Stones 4lbs

Garden Mushroom 3 sizes.jpg

Garden Mushroom

Decorative Moss Mushroom

Galapagos Moss Mushrooms are individually constructed and made from our vibrant green moss and wicker. This mushroom adds humidity, cover, and a feeling of fantasy to your terrarium.

55271 - Small Garden Mushroom 11"

55272 - Medium Garden Mushroom 14"

55273 - Large Garden Mushroom 21"

Bird Feeders

Decorative Moss Bird Feeders

Galapagos Natural Moss Bird Feeders are of show-stopping beauty and time-tested quality. Wild birds are naturally attracted to the materials and the feeders maintain their shape through weather and are extremely durable.

56900 - Dove w/ Chain 7"

56901 - Dove w/ Chain 9.5"

56902 - Sparrow w/ Chain 7"

56903 - Sparrow w/ Chain 9.5"

56001 - Gazebo 11" x 11" 

56008 - Open Porch 12" x 9"


Aquarium sea Glass

Unique Terrarium & Aquarium Decor

Galapagos Aquarium Sea Glass makes freshwater & saltwater environments extraordinary! They are completely safe with no sharp edges. Use as a substrate or just to accent your aquarium or terrarium. Six different colors provide you with all the diversity you need to fit any environment.

05130 - Chartreuse 4lbs

05131 - Deep Sea Blue 4lbs

05132 - Frosted White 4lbs

05133 - Sage Green 4lbs

05134 - Cold Blue 4lbs

05138 - Atlantic Mix 4lbs

05139 - Pacific Mix 4lbs



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