Providing multiple safe, secure hiding places in your reptiles terrarium is necessary for the overall health of the animal. These safe areas serve to reduce stress, add enrichment, and give them a place to relax. Our mossy hides go above and beyond by allowing the absorption of moisture to increase humidity and maintain the ideal climate for a healthy shed.


Sapa Corner Hide

New Product!

Galapagos Sapa Corner hide is the perfect hide for any tank. Multiple front
openings allow animals to enter and exit
as they please while providing security.
Place the back of the hide against the side of the tank to create a viewing window without disturbing them. Ideal for all reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates.

05370 - Sapa Corner Hide 10" x 5.5"

759834053705 Sapa Corner Hide.jpg

Mossy Domes

New Product!

Galapagos Natural Mossy Domes make
the perfect corner hide. The back of
each dome is made at a 90 degree angle
to utilize tank space. Decorate with
moss and mist with water to increase

humidity. Ideal for all reptiles, amphib-
ians, and invertebrates.

05366 - Mossy Dome 6"

05368 - Mossy Dome 9"

Mossy Birdhouses

Decorative Houses of Real Moss

Galapagos Deco Hides and Birdhouses are individually constructed and made from our vibrant green moss and wicker, which are natural nesting materials for birds and reptiles so they can truly feel at home! They are perfect hides for smaller animals like frogs and snakes. Snakes love them and they also make it easy spot your animal inside his hide.

56015 - Shack Vined Roof 6" x 8"

56019 - Rimmed Bungalow 6" x 7" 

56026 - Vined Raindrop 6" x 10"

56036 - Maison 7" x 7"

Birdhouses and Large Hides

Decorative Hides of Real Moss

Galapagos Woven Birdhouses and Hides are made with our MossVine, and are extremely durable and meant for outdoor or terrarium use. The nests or hides maintain their shape through the elements and will not deteriorate for multiple years. Snakes love them and they also make it easy spot your animal inside his hide. Each house comes with an elegant chain to easily hang outdoors from a tree branch or hook.

56002 - Plantable Maison 9.5" x 10.5"

56010 - Raindrop w/ Chain 10" x 13"

56011 - Gourd w/ Chain 7.5" x 12"

56012 - Maison w/ Chain 11" x 12"

56013 - Bungalow w/ Chain 11" x 15"

Mossy Caves

Decorative Caves of Real Moss

Galapagos Mossy Caves make the perfect corner hide. Place them in the corner of your tank, cover with Sphagnum Moss or Sheet Moss, and mist with water to create a natural mossy place to burrow and hide! All Mossy Caves are unique additions for reptiles and amphibians. They are available in 4" & 6" sizes, as well as green and blonde sphagnum moss colors to match your pet's environment.

05346 - Mossy Cave, Green  4"

05347 - Mossy Cave, Blonde 4"

05348 - Mossy Cave, Green 6"

05349 - Mossy Cave, Blonde 6"

05344 - Mossy Cave w/ Holes 8"

05345 - Mossy Cave w/ Holes 12"

Bamboo Hide

Real, Natural Bamboo Hide

Galapagos Bamboo Hides are made from natural bamboo and designed to boost humidity levels in your terrarium. Fill with moist moss and the moisture will slowly be released to raise the humidity level. Natural bamboo are likely to split over time if exposed to rapid changes in moisture levels. Avoid direct exposure to sun light and heat lamps. Also ideal for egg incubation, tarantula hides, and even planting live plants! 

05440 - Natural Bamboo Hide 18"



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