Terrarium mosses are important for shedding, hydration, and shelter. Moss increases tank humidity to make shedding a breeze. Furthermore, moss helps to retain and disperse water allowing animals to drink and stay hydrated. Many animals need layers of moss to hide under and provide camouflage from natural predators.


Sheet Moss

Natural Sheet Moss

Galapagos Sheet Moss is for Tropical & Forest Terrariums. It is an ideal substrate for Day Geckos, Dart Frogs, Eastern Newts, Fire Bellied Newts, Tiger Salamanders, Chameleons, Geckos, and similar species. Attach the Moss to our Basking Bark to create extra humidity or place it over foliage to create a shaded nook!

05241 - Mini Bag Sheet Moss 150in³

05248 - Sheet Moss Resealable Bag 8qt

21508 - Bulk Sheet Moss 1565in³


Pillow Moss

Natural Pillow Moss

Galapagos Pillow Moss is for Tropical & Forest Tanks. They are decorative clumps of real moss that help style and maintain the humidity of terrariums. They make for perfect hideouts for snakes too! Pillow Moss is an ideal substrate for Eastern Newts, Fire Bellied Newts, Dart Frogs, Tiger Salamanders, Frogs & Toads, Snakes, and similar species.

05231 - Mini Bag Pillow Moss 150in³

05234 - Pillow Moss Resealable Bag 4qt

21538 - Bulk Pillow Moss 1565in³

Royal Pillow Moss

Natural Royal Pillow Moss

Galapagos Pillow Moss is the ‘Big Daddy of Mosses!’ It's huge and massive appearance becomes a dominant feature in terrariums. Royal Pillow Moss absorbs a ton of water and slowly releases it to boost the humidity in your tank. Frogs, salamanders, newts, and snakes love sitting on top of these giant pieces!

05251 - Mini Bag Royal Pillow Moss 150in³

05254 - Royal Pillow Moss 8qt

21881 - Bulk Royal Pillow Moss 1565in³


Spanish Moss

Natural Spanish Moss

Galapagos Preserved Spanish Moss is ideal for Tropical & Forest Terrariums because it naturally grows in wet, humid environments. The locals call it "Old Man's Beard" because of its stringy, long strands and spooky, southern feeling. Spanish Moss naturally grows hanging from trees, so it looks best dangling off branches like Jungle Wood, Spider Wood, or Mossy Sticks. It can also be used to decorate hides like Mossy Caves. Spanish Moss is 100% natural and safe for animals.

05160 - Mini Bag Spanish Moss 150in³
26929 - Bulk Spanish Moss 1565in³

Reindeer Moss

Natural Reindeer Moss

Galapagos Reindeer Moss is for Tropical, Forest, & Arid Terrariums. Reindeer Moss naturally grows in clusters on the ground in a range of different climates. It has a spongy texture but looks like coral. It makes beautiful accents for all terrariums and especially looks good if integrated into a live, dynamic background. It is 100% natural and safe for animals.

05180 - Mini Bag Reindeer Moss 150in³

21742 - Bulk Reindeer Moss 1565in³


Golden Sphagnum Moss

5-Star Premium Golden Sphagnum

Galapagos Terrarium Sphagnum Moss, 5-Star Golden Sphagnum is soft and fluffy golden moss that holds 20-times its dry weight in moisture. Its inherent fungicidal properties also help fight odors and fungal growth.

05201 - Mini Bag Sphagnum Moss 150in³

05203 - 1/3lb Sphagnum Moss

22304 - Bulk 11lb Sphagnum Moss Bale

Green Sphagnum Moss

Natural Green Sphagnum Moss

Galapagos Terrarium Sphagnum Moss, Green Sphagnum Moss is one of the most versatile and important beddings ever! Use green sphagnum as a snake bedding, a humidifier, an incubation medium, or a substrate for carnivorous or live plants. This soft and leafy green moss is naturally fungicidal to fight mites and odors.

05211 - Mini Bag Sphagnum Moss

05213 - Sphagnum Moss Resealable 4qt

25325 - Bulk Green Sphagnum Moss 1565in³



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